Together with my course-mate, I created the following six lessons and materials for my final TESL Practicum course. These lessons consistently use TESL methods, approaches, and strategies. The focus of our course was teaching speaking and listening skills to post-secondary ELLs with a focus on figurative language. Figurative language is challenging even for advanced ELLs because of the multiple meanings that can be derived from it. Our final lessons included activities related to American culture, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, because our students requested it.

The activities in these lessons focus on getting the students to convey meaning through spoken words or body language. These activities include Bingo-Find Someone Who, charades, Simon Says, and other group work projects. Requiring students to interact with one another not only supports the course's speaking and listening objective, it also places their learning into a context-rich environment and helps anchor new information in their minds through physical action. Early "get-to-know-you" activities also help relax the learning environment so students feel comfortable working with and taking risks in front of their peers.

Idioms Lesson Plan

Materials: Idioms Illustrated, Idioms Explained

Body Language & Idioms Lesson Plan

Materials: Idioms in Context-Sample Dialogue, Body Language, Bingo-Find Someone Who

Phrasal Verbs Lesson Plan

Materials: Practice with Phrasal Verbs-Student Copy, Practice with Phrasal Verbs-Answer Key,
Practice with Phrasal Verbs-Matching

Proverbs Lesson Plan

Materials: Proverbs Matching Exercise, Phrasal Verbs-Repetition-Transformation Drills, Illustrated Proverbs,
Idioms vs Proverbs

Halloween Lesson Plan

Materials: Halloween Bingo, Halloween Vocabulary

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Materials: Thanksgiving Photos, Thanksgiving Story, Thanksgiving Story Comprehension Questions,
Thanksgiving Story Comprehension Questions-Answers