Content-Centered Language Learning Program Models
Content-Based Language
· L2 used for content area instruction
· Instruction given by language teacher or language and content teachers combined
· Academic content area materials, tasks, techniques used to cultivate language, content, cognitive and study skills
· A.K.A. Integrated Language and Content Instruction
Sheltered Subject Matter Teaching
· Texts and tasks modified to help English L2 learners’ comprehension of content area material
· Language teaching methods used (demos, visuals, group work)
· Given by regular content teacher or language teacher with expertise in academic area
· A.K.A. Sheltered English or Language-Sensitive Content Instruction
· Curriculum based on one theme thought to be interesting and motivating to L2s
· L2 learners gain general academic language skills
Sheltered Instruction
· Content curriculum adapted for learners who have limited proficiency in language of instruction
· Commonly used in immersion and 2-way bilingual programs
· Adapted for L2 programs with many intermediate/advanced L2 learners
Language across the Curriculum
· Content-focused teaching
· Language instruction integrated across all curriculum
· Sometimes involves team teaching
· Used in bilingual programs using sheltered instruction
Adjunct Model
· A content course and a language course are linked
· Content course includes native and L2 speakers
· Both courses share content base
· Language teacher focuses on language skills
· Content teacher focuses on academic concepts
· Requires much coordination between teachers
· Usually involves only advanced ELLs
Cognitive Academic Language Learning
· Combines language, content, and learning strategy instruction
· For intermediate or advanced English L2 upper elementary and secondary students